Face to Face

Our face-to-face team specialises in event and supermarket intercept interviewing. The team has completed thousands of face-to-face audits and interviews in the past two years. This incudes covert and overt in-store observations and foot traffic counts. We also offer door to door interviewing, product testing, intercept interviewing on buses, trains, in the street and in malls. We manage small projects of 50 interviews with as much care and attention as large projects of 15,000 interviews.

Our teams are based in most of the main centres throughout New Zealand.

What they say about us

Infield International were fantastic in assisting us with interviews for our latest event based project.  It was so good to know that this part of the project was easy to deal  with so that we could focus on the more strategic aspects.  The team that was recruited was bubbly, energetic, engaging and got the job done.  They were fantastic in representing ours and our clients brand and we would certainly not hesitate to use them again.

Nick Niblett Managing Director The Cognition Factory New Zealand